An Expert Guide on How to Choose Curtains For Your Home

If you are thinking that curtains are just for blocking light or for dressing your home windows and doors, well, that is partially true! Curtains can actually help create an ambience and notch up the House Gallery Art of your living room, bedroom and other areas of the house. So, what exactly goes into when it comes to choosing curtains for your house? Well, if this is what you wish to know, we recommend going through this post that shares some expert suggestions on choosing curtains for your home!

  • Choose The Fabric Wisely: If your room is small or compact, go in for breezy fabrics like sheer. Sheer fabrics may not only help the light pass through easily for a brighter appearance but they may also help add a hint of luxury to the ambience of the room. However, if you have massive rooms, then you should go for thicker fabrics or accentuate sheers with heavy fabrics to complement the grandeur of the space.
  • Go For Soothing Colours: If you are planning on buying living room curtains, you should stick with neutral colours such as off-white, beige, earthy hues or other soothing colours that give the illusion of space. However, larger living room spaces can be accentuated with royal colours such as deep maroon, deep earthy browns, and other such hues. Where lighter shades help create the illusion of enhanced space, darker hues add to the drama and grandeur.
  • Keep In Mind The Size Of The Room: If it comes to deciding for curtains for a tiny room, it would be a wise decision to go with the colours that match the colours of the wall or are close to that. This would not clamp up your room and rather it may help in making it look spacious. With bigger rooms, you can try experimenting with contrasting colours and bold prints too. You can choose from a wide range of House Gallery Art curtains while choosing curtains for your house.
  • Patterns And Designs: When it comes to choosing curtain design for living room, you don’t wish to go wrong. If the ceiling is low and the room is compact, choose vertical designs and patterns to create the false illusion of a bigger room. Choosing bigger prints or horizontal patterns may make your room look too small.
  • Choose Apt Length: Choosing an appropriate length of the curtain is equally important. Most of us may neglect this aspect, especially while ordering online. Smaller living spaces or room can be made to look spacious and bigger by choosing ceiling-to-floor length curtain.
  • Curtain Rods Make A Difference Too: :Choosing a right curtain rod for a curtain can help in amplifying the look of the curtain by many folds.
  • Choosing The Type Carefully: Again curtains come in many varieties. Draperies, sheers, shades, blackouts etc are some commonly used varieties that you can easily find. You can choose the type of curtain as per your requirements.
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