An Oasis All Your Own: Inspiration in Outdoor Furniture

After the monsoon season, full of heavy rain and humid temperatures comes the relief of the autumn season. Autumn is perhaps one of the most pleasant times in India climate wise. It brings the comfort of cooler weather when the outdoors can truly be enjoyed. Gone is the intense sun and sticky temperatures, bringing a special time when a backyard or patio can transform into a personal oasis. Whether your idea of an outdoor retreat is a deck for entertaining, or a chic and modern lounge near the pool, these trends will inspire you to transform your outdoor space into the perfect reflection of your summertime style.

A recess in hot temperatures creates the perfect opportunity to blur the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces. The marriage of these two areas can unlock additional living space at home and ensure the outdoors are as comfy and inviting as the indoors.

Adding sun protection is not only a functional necessity but a design opportunity. Pergolas draped in beautiful outdoor fabrics provide much needed year-round sun protection and immense design flexibility. When featuring more neutral fabrics and timber accents, pergolas create a rustic vibe, while bold colors hanging from a simple structure evokes a more international flair.

Shade sails are also becoming a staple of chic outdoor spaces as the triangle shape adds a modern accent that elevates the space and creates a feeling of being in an open-air room. Immediately adding architectural intrigue to any home, shade sails are a great option for those who seek shade and style.

The amazing beauty of natural spaces continues to be an inspirational force in outdoor House Gallery Art, ushering in a shift towards more natural colors for outdoor fabric that complement Mother Nature. The focus on vibrant and brightly colored patio furniture is a design of yesteryear, as earthy neutrals make a resurgence – but don’t worry, there is always room for a kiss of color.

To bring the best out of your neutrals, focus these colors on the larger pieces of furniture, like couches and chair cushions. Then sprinkle in your favorite bold patterns and colors in your outdoor fabric through accent pillows and outdoor drapery. With neutrals serving as the base of your color palette, performance fabric is key. Selecting fabrics that won’t fade in the sun, are comprised of stain resistant fabric, and can’t be marred by mold or mildew is critical to creating and sustaining your outdoor oasis.

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