Commercial Interior Design Trends in India

Globalization has led to a shift in lifestyles and design in India, resulting in more vertical, modern designs that embrace elements of traditional customs and implements them into an ever-growing neighborhood culture. As such, commercial spaces are continually being designed to offer the convenience of cross-functionality. With this in mind, we’ve highlighted the top interior design trends for commercial spaces in India.

As commercial spaces welcome more collaboration, with open-plan designs and flexible furniture, interior design details of these spaces will show the separation without the need for panels or actual dividers. The ideal elements will be a blend of noise-cancelling attributes that, perhaps ironically, encourage conversation and creativity. While imagination is encouraged, it will be countered with linear designs that clearly show the path from one area of an open space to the other, in order to aesthetically divide a functionally open space. So, what does this look like? Bright colors, modular furniture, geometrical designs, and pieces placed in areas that encourage straight-forward movement (such as a rug that shows the division in a space.)

In addition to the popularity of collaborative spaces, open spaces will continue to be seen in commercial buildings. High ceilings and unobstructed views will require designs that complement floor-to-ceiling windows and more natural lighting. To decorate these spaces, we expect a portfolio of new materials that support large-sized windows and prevent additional heat. A choice in curtains, a performance fabric to ensure quality, will be crucial to complement this design element. This will also turn attention to more compact items that don’t barricade views.

Adding to the element of natural daylight, living walls, houseplants, and designs that resemble nature and greenery will be a major trend. In the summer season, you may see more color palettes featuring honey-toned yellows and calming greens. However, year-round, you can expect wooden furniture, bamboo, and biophilic designs. This helps bring serenity by design across the commercial space function- from workplaces, to hospitals, and multi-family housing.

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