Art by: Cynthia Knapp

Artist's Statement

The imagery in my work is grounded in noting the interrelatedness of different earthly, organic forms while exploring and examining abstraction often from unusual vantage points. Sometimes the figure is a starting point and sometimes the works are completely abstract but either way there is an implied figural presence, whether through physical gestures or depictions of vessel-like forms. In the painting process, I consider ‘sculpting’ with brushes or pastel, where line and color can wrest dimensionality from the flat surface of the work.

Some imagery is influenced by notions of depicting underwater scenes, through the diffused lens of the depths or the imagined perceptions inside a plant’s center pushing out of a blossom's repetitive pattern. Other pieces may suggest views from above, within or through a cloud mass. I replicate these notions in the painting process. I inspect with paint from inside out. Paint and glaze is, layered, added and removed until the forms develop on the painting surface.

The arrangement of color and line in the pastel works, particularly the way in which adjacent colors contrast strongly with one another, is reminiscent of cartography. The shading and variations of colors within forms impart a dimensionality and relief to them and distinguish each from its neighbor much like a topographical map. Maps, like these pieces are fundamentally about the interrelatedness of autonomous things.

I began the sculptural work in 1995. As a painter for most of my professional career, I had often wanted to express the abstract organic imagery more integrally to a proposed architectural site. The painted panels that make up these sculptures are gestured references, like 3-dimensional brushstrokes, creating a positive and colorful interplay of forms.