Art & Photography by: Kay Hubbard

Artist's Statement

All my life, I have loved all forms of art. I stand in awe at the beautiful artwork God provides for us in nature. In my earlier years I painted in a traditional style. Now I prefer to break down my strokes and leave much for the eye to read; like looking up at a cloud and seeing an image in it. If my work stirs an emotion in the art observer, then I feel I have accomplished my goal. A good example of my work is “Within the Eye” is an acrylic. Whenever I looked at abstract artwork, I thought most of it seemed flat. So I planned this particular piece to bring the viewers eye into the painting. Colors when placed next to each other react in different ways; some come forward and others diminish. I wanted this abstract painting to have depth. I hope I have accomplished this. Kay Hubbard was a fashion illustrator and freelance artist before owning the House Gallery. She thinks of herself as a “colorist” rather than a designer. Whether she is working on accessorizing a home or painting a work of art, she approaches both the same. She thinks of a home as a blank canvas that needs a focal point and good color coordination. Her customers appreciate her eye, when framing their own work or choosing artwork or mirrors for their home. House Gallery has been providing artwork, design, accessories to the Corporate and Residential community for 35 years.