Art by: Paula Nickl


Medium: Glass Dimensions: 10' X 10" Original Glass Price: $250.00


Medium: Glass Dimensions: 13" X 13" Original Glass Tiles Price: $300.00

Lady In The Window

Medium: Glass Dimensions: 13" X 13" Original Glass Tiles Price: $300.00

Paula Nickl


Fused glass is a process of design, color selection, cutting, assembling and kiln firing. There are many challenges in that process.  The type of glass, number of layers and the firing schedule all work together to create a successful piece.  I find kiln formed glass an exciting medium to work with and have reached for the goal of the perfect object for over 30 years.  I am still searching. 
I taught stained glass and fused glass for many years.  I had a teaching studio, Metro Stained Glass.  The studio  hosted workshops with master glass artists from all over the United States. 
Currently I specialize in custom glass tiles and accessories.  My “flip flops” and bikinis in glass (not to be worn but installed in a pool or cabanna house) have been my favorite projects.  I just want to make my viewer smile when they see my work. 
Exhibitions:  Oklahoma City -  Atlanta, Georgia - LaJolla California - Columbus, Ohio –  Kyoto, Japan.
Installations:  Oklahoma City Art Museum, Vance Air Force Base Pilot Training Center, Martini Bar in Edmond, Grand House, Skirvin Hotel, Lakeside, a private club in Kansas.  Also, many private homes in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.